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Our Awards & Honours

Financial Planning Standards Council (FPSC) President's List - Joshua Lane

Congratulations Josh!  Kaspardlov & Associates' Joshua Lane was named to the Financial Planning Standards Council (FPSC) President’s List (2012) for achieving one of the highest marks on his final CFP National exam.

The President’s List recognizes students who embody the highest standards of excellence in their completion of the CFP® examination. After each sitting of the CFP® examination, the top three successful candidates  are recognized as members of the President’s List for their exceptional performance.


by Dessa Kaspardlov

The story of The Fireman and The Waitress is an analogy for the process of Dessanomics - a process developed to help maximize wealth and most efficiently manage debt and taxes. The Fireman and The Waitress were clients of Dessa’s, and early on in their relationship, Dessa realized that this particular couple was an iconic representation of most of her clients. They were both in their late 40s, making a good living at jobs they enjoyed, and while they were making regular contributions to an RRSP and making accelerated payments on their mortgage, they were running out of money before they ran out of month! They had a mortgage, credit cards and a line of credit, and despite all their success, it seemed like they just weren't getting ahead. Using Dessanomics, and the money they used to pay to their bank and the government, The Fireman and The Waitress were able to turn their financial lives around. Now they are living comfortably with more cash flow, a reduced tax burden and a mortgage that will be paid in half the time! They’re paying themselves first, and they're looking forward to an active and financially stable retirement. There are loads of books about financial planning in the market today. This book is different - it doesn't feel like you are putting your money on a diet! This book is for everyone who wants to make a million dollar difference in their lives, without giving up living in the process.

Dessa Kaspardlov from Kaspardlov and Associates is the author of The Fireman and the Waitress. Manulife ecurities has not created nor endorsed this book or any of its contents.